Rise of the Ghost Spiders

Mongolian Cave Battle

Met Micheal Phelps Formerly Garel-Kai. (Only Genasi in Fallcrest, Pale blue, spikey hair, whenever talks to you seems to be looking over your shoulder, eyes are unfocused, puts something down his pants then throws it into the water, hippie) Got onto raft and he pulls us up river. Settled into house. Two weeks worth of cleaning and settling and going to the city and making connections.

Visited Visuvius, there were a few new hirees. Delivered the cape and bandana mask, 50 pounds of fish, and 10 Ghost Spider armbands. Learned of a creepy death cult and decided to go messemup. Carl must die.

At the gates of Fallcrest a woman named Maria Stahl who was missing her husband. He was going to a dragon burial site. We agreed to go and take a look for her.

Back in town we talked to Nimozaran. His friend Parle wanted a map of the Keep over Winterhaven. Said ok for shits and giggles.

Working our way to Winterhaven due west on the kings road, when all of a sudden KOBOLDS ATTACK. During the fight the dreaded SPELLEMENTAL was summoned by D. It proceeded to lay into both Cojiro and one unlucky Kobold Dragonshield. The rest were easily dispatched except for one who managed to get away. The rest of the trip to Winterhaven went without incident.

Got to Winterhaven, talked to “Delphina Moongem” about Kobolds being more active, no creepy crawlie Death Cults, Dragon Burial site to the south. Willing to F’k.

Went to Wrafton’s Inn, met Salvana Wrafton, talked to her about how we should talk to Padraig about the kobolds. Then went and said hi to Padraig while waiting for our drinks. He displayed sociopathic urges invovling Kobolds. Said someone should go kill kobolds. We agreed for 100 piddly gold. Said the Dragon burial ground should be referenced to Elian the Old. Also claims there are no Creepy Crawlie Death Cults. PREPOSTEROUS! he says. Went to Elian, he said Dovan is at the Burial ground and showed us where on a map it was. Moved on to Valthrun the Prescient, he said they’re no cults round these parts and that Padraig hates Kobolds. Mentioned the Dragon in the burial site is ancient. Talked to the uninterested Elf “Ninaran”. She told us of a cave behind a waterfall to the east where the death cultists come and go with kobolds. Paid the tab and left the inn.

Left the town some time in the night and headed to the Waterfall Cave. Were ambushed by Kobolds while Cojiro was poisoned from imbibing a glass of Drow Spiderwine. They were easily dispatched though Cojiro’s pet raven Nimbly the Proctologist earned his title saving the life of one very confused squirrel. The Kobold that had escaped earlier was taken prisoner and was named Jonathan. He told us that the cave was run by TINMOLAR the Goblin.

We proceeded on to the cave after a nap and was met by heavy resistance. Using stealth and gorilla tactics we decimated the first half of the fight. The second however proved to be much more difficult. Zyrrah and Cojiro entered the waterfall cave from one entrance, while D lept straight threw the waterfall to ambush Tinmolar. Tinmolar proceeded to commit suicide after being destroyed by D’s Dark Spiral Aura while Zyrrahand Cojiro dispatched countless other Kobolds. The remaining Kobolds were dispatched. Afterward, their listless bodies were gathered in the main room of the cave. They were woken up and D gave them a rousing speech involving joining up and getting great dental plans, or death. The only problem was that the first half of the speech was in elven. He realized this and repeated himself in common. The kobold army joined up, and marched off to Kobold hall.

The weary party went back to the town to rest. Zyrrah had her brokenass chain fixed and everyone took a LONG FUCKING NAP. Oh and she went and got a damn jacket. Nevermind it was in the morning. And she did it apparantly. BLAH BLAH BLAH she went to Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe. She was called a witch for drawing and got it made.



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