Rise of the Ghost Spiders

Fall of James-Rise of Visuvius

Upon entering the town of Fallcrest the group was assailed with requests some cogent some the ranting of madmen. This began with their meeting with Lord Warden Markelhay who informed them as to where their home was. He also informed the group of a bounty which had been placed upon the kobolds raiding the trade caravans. Afterwards they were accosted by a ranting and raving dwarf by the name of Teldorthan Ironhews. He charged them with retrieving a bit of stolen dragon hide, which was patched with rat hide he was quick to inform them. Finally as they passed an obscenely tall tower they heard the call, “Hang On!!” and looking up they saw the far-off face of the wizard Nimozaran. After running down the stairs he burst out of the door gasping for air, he had seen the group talking to Teldorthan and asked the group to investigate the oddities of the current kobold behavior and armaments. And so our intrepid group of “elves” set off for the aptly named kobold hall. Upon entering the hall they noticed the oddity Nimozaran had spoken of in the form of kobolds carrying glue spewing guns as well as large gears used as shields. However the glue guns proved to be quite fragile at one point they were broken by Cojiro yelling at a kobold. The group then stumbled upon an alter dedicated to the evil dragon god Tiamat. There was one oddity however; the statue of Tiamat had a gear latched around each of the god’s necks. D was quick to reconsecrate the alter to his god Torog. The group moved on to interrupting a game of skull-skull the kobolds were playing in the next room. The kobold the group would later learn was named Visuvius won the game and a good deal of gold before the group rushed in. Visuvius turned and ran when the situation proved unwinnable as his group of kobolds and drakes were slaughtered. Following this the group entered a room built around a circular track. Zyrrah would rather be safe than sorry and attacked a spiretop drake preening itself in an unlit Brazier. This alerted the kobolds and their priest to the group’s presence, causing them to activate The Boulder. This boulder circled the battlefield striking at all who passed beneath it. It was later covered in glue which served to only increase its lethality.

will continue later (Did some spelling and grammAr)-Phil



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