Rise of the Ghost Spiders

Bahamut's Erection

The adventurers got to Winderhaven, turns out the cemetery had zombies all up and about. So we headed that way. Oh, found some human torch asshole. He came too. With us. And such.

Got there, bunch of zombies. Some skeletons. Ect.

Starting in on them. Started out pretty well. Went through a decent sized zombie wave, nothing out of the ordinary. One chewed it’s self to death. Was pretty funny.

Massacred all of the undead, then found Ninaran. She was launching arrows at us. Bitch. Kadarr grabbed that bitch and held her down. She didn’t last much longer than that. Mainly because of the super dragon-blood death bolt. Yay dragon blood.

After a decent torture session, we managed to milk her for information and get her to join the organization.

We headed back to Winterhaven, told them the problem was fixed, and went inside.

After some more uselessness involving future-sight and wasted insults, we decided to go back to the keep.

We proceeded in the direction that we hadn’t gone yet, because repitition is annoying.

Came upon a maze full of Terror runes. Decided to ignore that and continue to another room full of undead. Less full after D cleared it out with a cursebite. It’s nice when Cojiro uses his harp. No one sees it coming. The last two were then blended by the rest of the party.

In the next room was a bunch of infinite zombie generators. We waded through a crap-ton of those, then found out that you had to tell Bahamut he had a giant penis to kill them all. So we did.



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